Voice of the Present Age:
Demand for Something Better

Dr. Bevan Morris
Prime Minister of the
Global Country of World Peace
and President of Maharishi University
of Management Fairfield, Iowa

“It is a matter of great concern that the administration of society as a whole, regardless of the system of government, is full of inadequacies, indicating that the administrators intelligence and creativity must be raised for problems to become less—and finally for prevention-oriented, problem-free administration to prevail in the world.

Education Is Inadequate

“The modern system of education has been recognized to be inadequate because it does not create an enlightened individual and this is a loss to life everywhere.

Health Care Is Inadequate

“The prevailing system of health care in every country is completely inadequate to prevent disease, and even to cure disease. Modern medicine is famous for its poisonous side effects. Therefore, it is vital that a new and healthful system of health care is promoted.

Architecture Is Inadequate

“People also do not know that a great deal of suffering, anxiety, sickness, and negativity prevails amongst members of families due to the wrong orientation of their house.

Food Is Inadequate

“It has been recognized that non-organic food is poison. Instead of nourishing life, it damages life, so it is very vital that all efforts are made to stop non-organic agriculture and organic agriculture is promoted in favor of healthy life in our world.

Economics Is Inadequate

“Economics is inadequate because any enterprise to improve economy is full of fear of loss and doubts of risk.

“On a social level the principles of of economy are not helpful for poverty removal. One third of the population of the world is exposed to extreme scarcity and suffering. Therefore we feel that every effort must be made to eliminate poverty and raise the standard of living of the poor families in our world.

“We have to improve the principles of economy so that economy is always a field of promotion, improvement, bliss and satisfaction. A worthwhile economy should always lead the individual to a high level of invincibility.”

—Bevan Morris